Business Projects

Our goal is to provide businesses and government organizations on a local, national, and even international level the necessary services to transform their data into information for better decision making.

Our team have worked in many business projects and helped companies improve their products and services by analyzing and understanding their data, optimizing their processes, and predicting future outcomes. Our faculty have worked for many years in industry and know how to establish a successful collaboration between industry and an academic institution. Our current and previous business partners are from different industries and their projects always vary in scope, giving our team the necessary experience to tackle various data and decision sciences projects. Some of the projects in which our team have worked include:

  • Cost optimization of inventory of pet foods
  • Forecasting of customers credit card spending and seasonal trends
  • Performance analysis of critical mechanical devices
  • Visual analysis tool of safety key performance indicators
  • Prediction of medical diagnosis using prescription data
  • Optimization of product mix in the food industry
  • Pattern recognition of vehicle’s performance
  • Manipulation, cleaning, and reorganization of data to locate potential customers
  • Optimization of staff scheduling, vehicle routing, and facility location

The privacy of your data is our priority

We understand that your data is information that can provide the critical insights to make your business the top leader in your field. Our team is committed to protect your data by working closely with your business to find the most suitable options to release your data without violating your companies privacy. The Data and Decision Sciences Lab can also establish the necessary legal data-sharing agreements through the University of Nebraska at Omaha to protect the privacy of your data.

Some of our Current and Previous      Business Partners

Does your business have a data and decision sciences project?