Work With Us

Our faculty and students are always willing to work on data and decision sciences projects, from the basic to the most challenging problems. We offer a few different ways your organization can work with us. Check them out!

Our Mission and Vision 

The Data and Decision Sciences Lab is an academic organization centered in education and community engagement following the principles and values of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 

Our Mission

To form the next generation of professionals in data and decision sciences by providing our students real-work experience via a successful collaboration between private and public business and our university.

Our Vision

Become a recognized educational center in data and decision sciences throughout the United States and the world.

How to work with us?

If your organization decides to establish a collaboration with us, your project will be supervised by our faculty and performed by one or more graduate and/or undergraduate students working with us. When you support our lab, you support education and the advancement of data and decision sciences.

Fund your Project

You can support your project by funding our lab either with a grant or establishing a contract with us. Our lab will use these resources to support primarily our graduate and/or undergraduate students who will work on the project. Our team is more happy to schedule a meeting with you to quote the necessary resources for your project. Contact us to know more!

Internships, Co-ops, and Full-Time Jobs to our Students

Our students are passionate about data and decisions sciences and eager to learn through a real-world experience. You can support your project by hiring our students as an Intern, Co-op, or even full-time professional. They will then be able to bring your project to our lab and work on it as a capstone project, independent study project, or a Master’s project. Get in touch with us and our team can happily introduce you to our students.

Fund one of our Classes

We would love to develop a class to work on your problem as a case study. Multiple groups of students could then work on your problem and provide not only a single solution but various alternative approaches to your case. The resources funded by your organization will be used primarily to support the students taking the class. Get in touch with us and let’s get started! 

Are you ready to start a project with us?