Community Projects

The Data and Decision Sciences Lab is constantly working with local community partners on several data related projects that have a local and global impact.

Interactive-Visual Analysis on Nebraska’s Health Insurance Preferences

Community Partner: University of Nebraska at Omaha – Center for Public Affairs Research
Year: 2017
Team Members Involved

Health insurance plays an important role in releasing people’s financial burden when they need health care. Even a small policy change in health insurance can have a big impact on everyone’s life. This project studied the status of health insurance in Nebraska, using the 2011-2015 American Community Survey (ACS) data collected from the American Census Bureau. The project is interested in the characteristics of individuals with and without health insurance, and the difference among individuals with different types of insurance. The study created an interactive and effective way to view and analyze the ACS data. Using R language as the primary programming tool, a dashboard was built to explore the data and reveal the characteristics. The dashboard provides customized visualization for quantitative and qualitative features of individual’s background, and to show the health insurance preferences from different groups of people. The dashboard also uses the map of Nebraska to present the spatial distribution of health insurance.

Health Insurance in Nebraska: Qualitative Factors
Health Insurance in Nebraska per County